Taking an overview

The step back

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My new friend’s business was crazy busy. Yet he had plenty of time and freedom to drink beer with me in the middle of the afternoon. He’s one of the school dads I’ve said hello to for years but never got round to actually talking to. Once we started a discussion at a school event a few weeks ago, we …

Worn carpet

I was so ashamed when they saw my worn carpet

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We had another family round for a barbecue at the weekend. PERFECT weather. It was their first time in our house. Their daughter goes to school with our daughter. A successful first social event. But something happened on their way out. The dad – his tongue loosened by sun and beer – glanced at our stairs and said “you’ll be …


Designing a better way: Part 2) Marketing & sales

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I spent months designing a manifesto for the Practice Mastermind. Because I’ve worked with enough practice owners over the years, to know that there is a better way. When we work together in the Practice Mastermind, the 16 “rules” of this manifesto will guide everything we do. In the first part, we looked at the 9 items of the business …

Paul Green video

What makes the Practice Mastermind different to what we did before?

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1) It’s deliberately small: Just you, me and 12 other practice owners. No-one else. No staff, no mentors, no complications. I’m not looking to scale this like last time; I’m looking to do some good and make some money on the way. This is what I love the most – working closely with people I enjoy working with. That’s why …