The perfect sales promotion, that’s guaranteed to work

The perfect sales promotion, that’s guaranteed to work

Paul Green Content, marketing and sales

This one doesn’t apply to brand new businesses. But it’s perfect for practices that have been around a few years. Because there’s a sentence I hear at least once a week from the practice owners I’m working with. “Oh yeah. We used to do that. But we stopped it for some reason”. Quite often the “some reason” is no real …

Bootstrap marketing for opticians

6 bootstrap marketing ideas for opticians

Paul Green Content, marketing and sales

You’ve heard of bootstrapping a business? It’s when a new venture is built up using limited funds and a lot of goodwill. It’s where you get stories of founders sleeping in their office so they don’t have to waste valuable money renting a flat! Your practice is more liquid than that. But there’s still a place for bootstrapping – when …

Tidy up

Tidying up (your practice)

Paul Green Content, practice owner's mindset, staff

Have you seen the big new show on Netflix right now? It’s called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. The format is simple. She turns up at people’s houses and, er, helps them tidy up. Yeah, there’s a specific strategy to it and a load of crying and stuff too. But essentially that’s it. It’s quite compelling. And despite the excellent DC …

Quick announcement and a favour please

Quick announcement and a favour please

Paul Green Content

Hello, it’s Paul Green here. For about 6 months now I’ve been planning two major new training events for 2019. My intention is for them to become my Foundation events at the core of everything I do. First, I’m planning a two day training event where I teach you everything I know about: It’ll be my most in-depth training ever. …

Implement more. Faster

For opticians: The faster you can implement, the greater your chances of victory

Paul Green Content, marketing and sales, practice owner's mindset

I wrote a post on the Opticians Marketing Facebook group earlier this week about speed. Here’s a screenshot: It was inspired by an Irish entrepreneur I’m working with on a big veterinary project right now. He’s called Gordon Stewart, and he discovered last month that vets in the UK have a real recruitment problem right now (it’s worse than hiring …