Scary fact: Too many UK optical practice owners are locked in a prison of their own design

This is Opticians Elite. And it’s about giving you LOADS more personal income, and PLENTY more time to yourself… so you can free yourself from the prison of your practice

Hello, I’m Paul Green, one of the UK’s leading optical marketing experts.

I’ve worked closely with opticians for near on a decade now. And I’ve noticed a terrifying trap that has ensnared thousands of owner/operators.

When you first started or bought your practice, what was the dream? You probably wanted greater control over how your practice was run.

And more control over what you did with your time. With the ability to have a huge increase in your personal income, as a pleasant reward.

How did that pan out for you?

If that’s what you’ve got today, then congratulations! You’re in a very small minority. Because actually for most optoms and DOs who own a practice these days, they suffer from these three things.

1) Not enough personal income

Because the practice doesn’t generate enough net profit. Not acceptable, with a recession on the way

2) A total lack of quality time

Because the business sucks all their life and energy from them. Your family are desperate for this to be different

3) They work for the business

Rather than the other way round. In fact, these aren’t businesses… they are well paid (or often badly paid) jobs

Understand this: Most practice owners have created a prison of their own design… and have then locked themselves inside. Terrifying.

There is another way. And I want to help you find it

You see, I’m working with a small, hand picked group of practice owners right now who are battling against this horrifying trend.

They’re generating lots more net profits. Taking more personal income out of the business. And taking more time off because they have fewer staff problems and client demands to deal with.

Many of them are even taking more than one holiday a year! (interestingly, those that do have lots of holidays typically see their practices grow faster… that’s not by chance; the two things are totally connected)

So what are these practice owners doing differently to you? Simple. They are regularly stepping back, and spending a little time working ON the business instead of just IN in (in it = testing and dispensing).

"I would highly recommend it. I’ve learnt so much and saved thousands on a practice refit after an alternative recommendation from two colleagues in the group. My business has continued to grow thanks to Paul and the members of the group"

Jas Chaggar
Stratton Opticians

Opticians Elite is carefully designed to improve these critical 8 core pillars of your practice

Create an unlimited tap of new clients

You’ll discover exactly how to get new clients, any time you want them. You just turn on the “new client tap”.

This is about building multiple audiences of prospects using your website, Facebook and Instagram. And then educating and entertaining these audiences, so that at the point they’re ready to pick a new optician, your practice is the first name in their mind.

Stop losing happy clients to crappy reminders

It’s baffling why most practices tolerate weak reminders that deliver low response rates… and then keeping using them year after year!

You’ll discover how to put together a reminder sequence that really delivers,  using a mixture of text messages, postcards, voicemails, targeted Facebook adverts and maybe even live phone calls.

Build a solid base of monthly recurring revenue

Too many opticians rely on repeat purchases, where the client has to take action and visit you, before you earn money.

A better way is an eye health care plan, where they give you money every single month of the year. This is recurring revenue. It’s beautiful. And you’ll discover how to get at least a third of your clients to join your plan.

Improve your test to dispense conversion rate

We both know the practice’s profits come from the dispensing, and not the testing. So you should do everything you can to persuade at least 75% of clients to buy products when they visit.

You’ll discover how to influence your optoms to talk about the right things to clients: Stable prescription rather than “no change”; how to minimise UV damage; etc.

Permanently increase average dispense values

If you can get even half of your clients to buy an extra pair or some prescription sunglasses, the financial fortunes of your practice will change for ever.

Good dispensing isn’t just about having the right dispensers. You’ll discover how to turn the whole practice into a selling machine, in a way that delights clients; rather than annoying them. This is great for long-term retention, too.

Improve your net profit margins (and personal income)

We’ve all had at least one month where we worked our socks off… and were horrified to discover there was no money left for us at the end of the month. That sucks. And it kills your love for the practice.

You’ll discover how to permanently boost net profit margins to either give you a greater personal income… or spend it on other people, buying back your time.

Get the most out of your staff (even the internal terrorists)

As much as we’d like to clone ourselves and do everything to our high personal standards, that’s the route to a stroke or heart attack.

You’ll discover how to get more out of your best staff, and fix (or fire) the worst. And no matter how difficult recruitment is, you shoudn’t be scared of your bad staff leaving… you should be scared of them staying!

Live your life fully as an awesome partner and parent

The definition of success is having enough time and cash to do what you want to do; and meaningful work to give you the sense of achievement.

You’ll discover the small tweaks that will give you an enviable work/life balance. Beautifully, when you get this right, it helps your staff do a better job (and be happier), and the practice to grow faster and bigger.

This is bloody powerful stuff. And this is how we do it
There are 5 key components to the Opticians Elite


Component 1
A 121 Discovery Day with me
We’ll build a customised growth & marketing strategy for your practice

In a structured way, we’ll explore what you’re trying to achieve with your life, and your practice. All that’s good, and what’s not working right now.

Then we’ll put together a series of strategies and tactical plans for your practice. These will be highly customised to your ambitions, and available resources.

Throughout our day, we’ll work together to:

  • Shape your vision for the best possible life for you and your family
  • Figure out what you need and want from the practice, and the right goal to achieve that
  • Pick the right strategies to achieve the goal
  • Select the most appropriate tactics, to implement the strategies
  • Looking at how you can get all of this done, while actually spending less time at work

All Discovery Days are done in central Milton Keynes – easy to get to off the M1; and the West Coast main railway line.

"Paul made me think in detail about my business, and how it would survive and thrive for years to come.

I was cured of the drift to lassitude."

Mark Davis
Mark Davis Opticians

Component 2
Every 3 months: A site visit to another optician’s practice

This is at the heart of Opticians Elite. We arrange for the whole group to visit one of the member’s practices (on a date that suits everyone).

Be honest – how fascinating do you find it visiting other practices? Except this time you don’t need to do it incognito! You’ll be visiting a non-competing practice with permission, and with the chance to chat in-depth to the practice owner afterwards.

Because once we have finished our visit, we retreat to a local hotel to discuss what we’ve learned.

It’s not only the practice owner who’s hosted the visit who gets a stack of ideas to improve. Everyone is inspired to implement new ideas and tweaks into their practice.

The next site visit is planned for 30th January 2020, location TBC


Component 3
Every week:
An implementation helpline

To really Get Things Done, you need access to someone who can answer your implementation questions, and remove any blocks to progress.

So every single week I make myself available to you for an hour.

You can drop in for a 121 video call to ask me any question you have about growing or marketing your practice. In fact, anything at all.

The implementation helpline is scheduled on different days of the week, and at different times, so you have plenty of opportunity to access my direct help.

And if it’s not convenient, just drop me an email to schedule a 121 call when suits both  our diaries.

Component 4
Every day: Support from me and your peers in a secret Opticians Elite Facebook group

Nothing beats instant feedback from people you trust. So you’ll benefit from daily contact with your new peer group on Facebook.


This is a secret Facebook group – no-one will be able to see you’re a member, let alone the content you write. This will give you a true sense of community with your new colleagues. And be a valuable resource as you grow your practice.

In addition, every Monday morning you’ll declare the one thing you most want to achieve that week. Basic psychology tells us that when you commit to an action in front of a group of trusted peers, you are dramatically more likely to actually do it.

"Paul, I regard your role as mentoring. To get me to think about the extra things that I should be doing instead of doing only the things that I have to do.

"The extras. Payment schemes reviewing reminder systems. Reviewing procedures. looking at ways of developing the business."
Peter Sanders
EyeCare Opticians


Component 5
Small and powerful: This Opticians Elite is strictly for 6 practice owners only

This number is the perfect balance. 

It’s a group big enough to give you a varied peer group. But at the same time each practice gets a very high level of personal attention from me.

If there are currently no places available, please contact us to join the waiting list.

Number of places left

1 place left

Critically, you are protected by two strong guarantees

Guarantee 1: Your competitors will be locked out

When you join the Opticians Elite, you are guaranteed that none of your direct competitors will be in your group.

If one of your competitors is already in the group, then unfortunately we will not be able to accept you. You can ask to join the waiting list.

Guarantee 2: No commitment – cancel any time

This is a pay monthly programme. And there’s no long-term commitment for you.

In fact, you can cancel any time with just 30 days’ notice. No awkwardness, ifs, buts or maybes. Just drop us an email and it’s done. We’ll release your place to the waiting list.

So which of these is the best option to grow your practice?

Silver package

Opticians Elite only

  • Quarterly visits to other practices
  • Weekly implementation helpline video call
  • Daily support in a secret Facebook group
  • One of only 6 practice owners in the group
One off investment:
Monthly investment:
£197 + vat
Gold package

Opticians Elite + 121 Discovery Day in Milton Keynes

  • 121 Discovery Day with Paul Green in Milton Keynes
  • Quarterly visits to other practices
  • Weekly implementation helpline video call
  • Daily support in a secret Facebook group
  • One of only 6 practice owners in the group
One off investment:
£997 + vat
Monthly investment:
£197 + vat
Platinum package

Opticians Elite + 121 Discovery Day in your town

  • 121 Discovery Day with Paul Green in your town
  • Quarterly visits to other practices
  • Weekly implementation helpline video call
  • Daily support in a secret Facebook group
  • One of only 6 practice owners in the group
One off investment:
£1,997 + vat
Monthly investment:
£197 + vat

Here’s what to do next

The next stage is to set up a 15 minute business growth consultation phone call with my business partner, practice growth specialist Ben Smith.

Ben Smith

Ben Smith

We need to check that we’re not already working with one of your competitors. And you need to check your practice would benefit.

Ben’s live calendar is below. Pick a 15 minute phone call time that best suits you please.

Remember, there’s zero commitment at this stage. You’re just discussing it